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EastbridgeIndustry (EBI)

Diesel Hydraulic Power Packs

Electric Hydraulic Power Packs

Hydrogen Powered Generator Sets

Hydraulic Filtration & Coalescer Units

Cable Tensioners and Carousels


Safelink Heave Compensation

Safelink is your complete supplier of passive heave- and dynamic load compensation solutions. Our range of products target dynamic challenges throughout the entire lift – from topside to subsea installation. We remove dynamics and specialize in delivering state of the art shock absorbers and passive heave compensation solutions.

Efforts to reduce costs and increase productivity are underway across the entire spectrum of the offshore industry. Compensating all heave motion directly at the crane hook enables the offshore industry to significantly reduce costs, gain efficiency, increase lifting and subsea lowering capability, increase productivity through minimizing downtime, and reduce carbon footprint.

Agent for the Benelux: [email protected]

NEXOIL hydraulic cylinders, HPU and Lubrication systems


Nexoil combines the design and production of lubrication systems and hydraulic cylinders with that of hydraulic mini-plants to be used in all those applications in which hydraulic actuators (cylinders, motors, brakes, etc.) must be controlled by compact power units. 

We are capable to engineer, produce, test and commissioning projects. We use first class hydraulic components from NEXOIL.

Agent for the Benelux: [email protected]

Thrustmaster of Texas-Thrusters

     For more than 30 years, Thrustmaster of Texas, Inc. has been designing and manufacturing high quality marine propulsion equipment for vessels of all types. They have grown into a leading supplier of thrusters ranging from 75 kW to 8 MW, serving customers all over the world. The headquarters in Houston, Texas consists of the largest thruster manufacturing factory in the world, with complete fabrication, machining, assembly and testing carried out at the facility. All thrusters are designed in-house by a complete engineering department for mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and electronic design.

 In cooperation with TEC-Thrustmaster agent for the: Benelux, Caribbean and Suriname 

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TEMA Permanent Magnetic motor                                     technology

TEMA offers complete electric powerline and propulsion systems for:

- Marine
- Power Generation
- Mobile equipment
- Industry
TEMA has the solution for your applications.


Agent for TEMA PM Motors & Systems in the Benelux.
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EBI Remote Service

Take maintenance operations to the new level and provide remote assistance for machine operators and maintenance technicians.

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