Get to know NEXOIL

Nexoil combines the design and production of lubrication systems and hydraulic cylinders with that of hydraulic mini-plants to be used in all those applications in which hydraulic actuators (cylinders, motors, brakes, etc.) must be controlled by compact power units.

The modularity of nexoil minicentrals allows you to create any application scheme quickly and with few elements.
The possibility to buy, in addition to the complete plant, also individual components allows a lean warehouse for retailers, while favoring greater versatility.
For the OEMs sector, customized solutions are studied to best respond to every application need.
Main features:

  • Construction for heavy duty
  • AC electric motors with power between 0.18 KW and 5.5 KW
  • Direct current electric motors with power between 0.5 KW and 3 KW
  • Maximum pressure 300 bar
  • Gear pumps with displacements from 0.9 to 9.8 cc/rpm
  • Carry up to 25 l/min
  • Possibility to mount double pumps
  • Plastic or metal tanks with volumes between 1.5 and 40 liters
  • Central body in aluminum alloy up to 8 internal cavities Possibility to mount modular plates with CETOP valves or cartridge
  • Wide range of pressure, flow and direction control valves with manual or electrical control
  • Possibility of mounting emergency hand pump integrated into the central body.

Centralized lubrication by Nexoil

The range of Nexoil industrial oil and grease lubrication systems covers a wide range of applications: from small machine to large industrial plant.

The market for centralized lubrication systems by Nexoil ranges from industrial vehicles to paper mills, from public transport vehicles to cement works, not forgetting the textile and food sector.

Nexoil lubrication plants use electric, pneumatic and manual lubrication pumps.