Get to know EBI HPU and Gen-Sets

EBI Diesel Hydraulic Power Packs  

Build with first class European components.   
Volvo, Caterpillar, IVECO
Power: 30 to 900 kW single engine
Flow: up to 2400 l/min.
Pressure: up to 350 bars

A EBI Hydraulic Power Pack offers the power that your project requires. EBI offers a broad range of power packs for Offshore, Marine and Industry. EBI Hydraulic Power Packs meet your requirements and complies to the existing emission regulations. 
EBI Diesel Hydraulic Power Packs are available with “Closed and Open” hydraulic systems.

The EBI Hydraulic Power Packs are equipped with:

-       Welded frame with integrated fuel tank and drip tray, protecting environment from             leakage of the fluid 
-       Soundproof canapé with high quality noise insulation materials
-       Crane and/or pallet truck lifting
-       Easy maintenance access to major components
-       FAT test

EBI Filtration & coalescence units

EBI is experienced in filtration and coalescence technology for all kind of medium. This is primarily used to separate water and oil emulsions via various processes. EBI offers two types of coalescers. Mechanical coalescers use filters or baffles to make droplets coalesce while electrostatic coalescers use DC or AC electric fields (or combinations).

Renewable Industry

Together with our partner Kromwijk Techniek  we supply high-end products for your wind energy applications like cable tensioners and carousels.  This handling equipment will be supplied with hydraulic or electric drive systems, an electronic control system can be part of the delivery scope.  Our service engineers will take care of the commissioning and start-up process. The equipment will be supplied with documentation, certification and under any classification.
You need an quotation? Just give us a call or send an email to [email protected] with your RFQ and we will get in contact with you.